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 Postings on Linked - Back to Square One, a New Turning Point by Anita Hoang

Hi All LinkedIn connections,
I am invited to start my first blog on LinkedIn and am delighted to do so. Here are some thoughts for the day: (Please click on the links below). Thanks.

1. A New Turning Point.

2. Count Your Blessings.

3. Get Organized.

4. Find The Right Audience.

5. Learn Smart - Use Technologies.

6. Encounters - Life is Exchange.

7. Know Thyself.

8. Pourquoi écrire? - Communicate.

9. Are we that different? Communicating across Cultures.

10. Perception - The World as We See It.

11. Know Your Potential - Coming Home.

12. The Right Path - Being Good. 

13. Are we doing the right thing? What is precisely ethics?

14. What is CSR and WHY is it important?

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