Jul 23, 2020

Reforming Higher Education in Vietnam Challenges and Priorities /


Edited by Grant Harman, Martin Hayden, Thanh Nghi Pham.
Higher Education in Vietnam: Reform, Challenges and Priorities -- Vietnam's Higher Education System -- Higher Education in Vietnam 1986-1998: Education in Transition to a New Era? -- The Higher Education Reform Agenda: A Vision for 2020 -- Reforming Teaching and Learning in Vietnam's Higher Education System -- The Research Role of Vietnam's Universities -- Research-Industry Cooperation Supporting Development in Vietnam: The Challenge of Translating Policy into Practice -- Intellectual Property and Vietnam's Higher Education System -- Reforming the Governance of Higher Education in Vietnam -- Processes for Strategic Planning in Vietnam's Higher Education System -- Processes of Modernisation in Two Public Universities in Vietnam: University Managers' Perspectives -- Optimising the Impact of Vietnam's Higher Education Sector on Socio-Economic Development -- Accreditation in Vietnam's Higher Education System -- Internationalisation of Vietnamese Higher Education: Retrospect and Prospect -- Private Higher Education in Vietnam.

Reforming Higher Education in Vietnam Challenges and Priorities /

The research role of Vietnamese universities

The Government of Vietnam plans that research and development (R&D), especially in science and technology (S&T), should be the key element of its growth strategy to create an industrial and modernized society by 2020. This growth strategy also envisages an enhanced role for university research and for university research and technology transfer links with industry. While substantial higher education reform has been achieved since the early 1990 s, the capacity of universities to contribute to R&D and technology transfer is still severely limited, owing to relatively few university staff being active researchers, inadequate research facilities, lack of trained younger research personnel, inadequate government research funding and lack of a research culture that values research activities and the production of research outputs.

Keywords: Universities research R&D innovation system industry lmodernisation developing economy

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